Sweet Treats and Desserts
Gattings Apple and Raspberry CrumbleSold Out

Apple and Raspberry Extra Oaty Crumble

This crumble ticks all the boxes and is packed with apples, raspberries and buttery oat crumble with the perfect amount of comforting spices.

$20.00 Serves 4-6
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Caramel Tan SliceSold Out

Caramel Tan Slice (12 pieces)

A delicious shortbread base covered with sticky caramel and a crumble topping drizzled with chocolate.

$25.00 12 pieces
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Gattings Mixed Sweet BoxSold Out

Mixed Sweet Box (24 pieces)

This box will contain our signature chocolate and raspberry brownie, caramel tan square and some other goodies to fill your cake tins or freezer.

$50.00 24 pieces
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Salted Caramel BrownieSold Out

Salted Caramel Brownie (Gluten Free 12 pieces)

For all you brownie and salted caramel lovers out there! This is unbelievably good – rich and decadent.

$30.00 12 pieces
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Gattings Chocolate BrownieSold Out

Chocolate Raspberry Brownie (12 pieces)

For all you brownie lovers out there! This is a Gatting’s signature slice that is rich and moreish and packed with raspberries.

$25.00 12 pieces
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